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Rules For Forum

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Rules For Forum

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:58 pm

Please take some time to read through our membership rules, guidelines, and etiquette!

Sometimes a discussion may evolve into a debate. We therefore ask that our members show respect for the beliefs and opinions of one another. Should a discussion within a thread become too disruptive, we reserve the right to remove certain remarks or references. We may edit in this manner on occasion as a means to maintain a civil atmosphere for all. We as well reserve the right to remove individual posts or entire threads if need be. However, the latter will only occur in extremely rare instances. We further ask that our members not criticize fellow members for typos, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes or writing style. It shall be understood that the 'bashing' of any member (for any reason) will not be tolerated. We are not here to win arguments, to judge, or to condemn. We are here to better the lives of our beloved pet birds.

No level of spamming, flaming and/or trolling by any member will be permitted on this website. Nor will we allow harsh criticism of any product or service (unless clear evidence exists that the product or service is harmful to pets). Asking for feedback on products, vendors, stores, breeders, or other services and their providers is fine. However, we request that any feedback given be based upon firsthand experience, not hearsay. Obvious spammers and trolls will be banned.

1) Try to be ever mindful of what and how you are posting, as you alone are responsible for your words. 2) Make good faith effort to treat fellow members as you would have them treat you. 3) If/when a problem emerges, seek staff assistance/advice via private message or use the 'Report Post' feature.

Pet bird health and safety will always be top priorities on this website. We will never allow descriptions, comments, photos, or videos to stand that have a clear potential to harm birds. Consequently, any posted content that we feel may pose or perpetuate a risk to the health or safety of companion birds will most likely be removed or edited, with or without notice to the posting member. Such content includes, but is not limited to, describing or otherwise portraying unnecessary risk situations, such as physical contact or near access between predatory pets (e.g., cats, dogs, reptiles) and pet birds. Additionally, direct public challenges to pet heath and safety warnings are not permitted. Violators will be sanctioned. Please see our regulation at [Users must be registered and logged in to view attached photos or hyperlinks [Click Here To Register...] for all specifics and any exception(s). We are not flexible concerning these rules! However, we are more than willing to discuss our views on bird health and safety with interested parties in private.

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